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  • Publicado : 14 de junio de 2011
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The last film I have seen was Casino by Martin Scorsese. The film from 1995 is about the life of the successful casino´s director Sam ``Ace´´ Rothstein in Las Vegas, between theseventies and the eighties.The style of Scorsese is in his purest form; fast editing, rock n roll music and violence. The main characters are played by Robert De Niro asSam, polite Jewish with a great sense of honor and work; Joe Pesci as Nicky, Italian-American determined to control organized crime in Las Vegas; and Sharon Stone as Ginger, theself-destructive and junkie femme fatale. The story shows the complicated machinery of corruptionthat covers all levels of American politics and economics. The illusion of a good system where everybody lives the American dream in Las Vegas falls when Nicky try to do things her ownway against the law using murder and coercion no matter what thinks the FBI and the heads of the Mafia. On theother hand is the relationship between Sam and Ginger. He gives his heart to Ginger in order to have a plenty life with their daughter but she betrays him spending money in drugs andcheating him with Nicky and Lester, her childhood sweetheart played by John Woods. In my opinion is a good film but very long, three hours, withbrilliant interpretation and direction. Bad language and violence can offend the sensibilities of the viewer. It is extremely hard the torture of a bully and especially the death of Nicky.
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