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Case Study 1-1: ACMC Hospital Network Upgrade Information
This case study enables you to practice the skills and knowledge learned in the module.

Activity Objective
In this activity, you will create a high-level design for updating the ACMC Hospital network. After completing this activity, you will be able to meet these objectives: • • • • Document the requirements of the organizationDocument the existing network Identify and request missing information Outline the major design tasks for the network

Visual Objective
There is no visual objective for this case study.

Required Resources
These are the resources and equipment that are required to complete this activity: • • • Case study guidelines, presented on the Case Study page of the online course ACMC Hospital networkupgrade scenario Blank sheets of paper and a pencil

ACMC Hospital Network Upgrade Scenario
This case study analyzes the network infrastructure of Acme County Medical Center (ACMC) Hospital, a fictitious, small, county hospital. Hospital management gave you a short description of the current situation and its plans. It is your job, as a network designer, to identify all of the organizationalrequirements and data that will allow you to provide an effective solution.

Organizational Facts
ACMC is a regional hospital with approximately 500 staff members supporting up to 1000 patients. The hospital is interested in updating its main facility from Brand X equipment in its Layer 2 campus. You are meeting with hospital management to define its requirements. There are 15 buildings on the hospitalcampus, plus five small remote clinics. There are seven floors in each of the two main hospital buildings, with four wiring closets per floor in the main buildings. The auxiliary building, the Children’s Place, is connected by fiber to the main buildings. (The three main building switches are connected by fiber into a ring.) The Children’s Place has three floors, with three wiring closets perfloor. The other 12 campus buildings are smaller office and support facilities, with 10 to 40 people per building located on one or two floors.

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The network architect is new to the hospital. The hospital management is aggressively expanding clinic and alternative emergency room presence within Acme County. Due to general population growth, there are alsoplans to enlarge the main campus. The hospital is doing fairly well financially. It wishes to selectively deploy cutting-edge technology for better patient care and high productivity. Network downtime or slowness has been affecting patient care. Network manageability is important because ACMC has a tradition of basing operations on small support staffs with high productivity. ACMC’s upgrade timeframeis 6 to 12 months.

Current Situation
The current network uses inexpensive switches purchased over time from several vendors. They comply with various standards depending on when they were purchased. They are not SNMP-manageable switches, although a small amount of information is available from each switch via the web or CLI. There is a main switch within each of the three main buildings. Onefloor switch from each floor connects to the main switch. The other switches either connect directly to the floor switch or via a daisy chain of switches, depending on which was most convenient at the time. The small outlying buildings have one or two 24-port switches. One of these connects back to one of the main building switches via fiber. If there is a second switch, it connects via the firstswitch. Currently, the staff VLAN spans the entire campus. There is no Layer 3 switching. The address space is /16. Addresses were coded sequentially into PCs as they were deployed. Although the staff would like to deploy DHCP, it has not yet done so. The organization is currently running standard office applications, plus some specialized medical programs running over IP. Radiology,...
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