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* IKEA's story begins in 1943 in the small town of Agunnaryd (Sweden), when its founder, Ingvar Kamprad, was just 17years. Since then, the IKEA Group has grown into a commercial reality with 123,000 employees in 25 countries , which generates annual sales of over 21,500 million.

* The IKEA Group has 123,000employees, spread in different departments: purchasing, distribution, sales, product assortment, shopping, and support functions Swedwood Group.

* IKEA has 28 distribution centers and 11 distributioncenters to customers in 16 countries. The flat packages, the transportation of goods by rail and sea, and use of fuel-saving techniques enables achieving a high return and be respectful of theenvironment.

* The current selection consists of 9500 IKEA items for home decoration, functional and beautiful, but at low prices. IKEA of Sweden is responsible for developing all items and give themtheir peculiar name, as Billy and KLIPPAN.

* Last year more than 198 IKEA printed millions of copies of the catalog in 56 editions and 27 languages.

* In 1987 IKEA arrives in the UK, the firststore opens in Manchester.

* In 1990 made his first political IKEA environmental that is to develop an environmental policy to ensure that the company and its partners have a responsible attitudein all their activities.

* In 1998 IKEA hires its first full-time forest manager to ensure the sustainable use of forest resources.

* In 1999 IKEA appoints new president and CEO, Anders MobergAnders Dahlvig replacing.

* In 2000, online purchases are introduced in Sweden and Denmark. Since then, many other markets have begun to offer online shopping at IKEA.SWOT ANALYSIS OF IKEA

IKEA in Europe is known to be a very strong brand and virtually no competitors because it offers a wide range of products and various services to really low...
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