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Mario Córdova
Case Seminar 2
International Management

1) In a period in which other industry pioneers have stumbled or worse, Intel has managed not only to survive, but to dominate thesemiconductor industry. From your view of the company’s history, what are factors that have been central this outstanding success?
I think its success is based upon several factors. But the mostimportants may be, the fact that Intel had long-term strategies, as well as a CEO, Andy Grove, who knew how to manage the company properly. Intel took hard decisions for the sake of the company, such asgetting off the DRAM and SRAM businesses. They also managed to change the focus of the company in time, example of this is when they started to focus more in a rich work atmosphere rather than a narrowcorporate ladder. They could also manage to accurately expand his opportunities into downstream markets, and gave more importance to the marketing and brand-recognition strategy with the logo “IntelInside”. So, I think Intel’s success is based in the fact that they are in constant evolution and they give great importance in R & D.
2) How has Intel been able to shape and sustain ItsStrategic flexibility and organization adaptability?
Since it’s beginning, Intel has had a team-work culture, using the 2-in-a-box form to avoid barriers within the company. They also were used to rotatethe personal, upwards, sideways and downwards giving more flexibility to the company work environment. On the other side as the company core business, is in rapid evolution they, needed to be aflexible industry and needed to adapt to the rapid changes in the market. And so they did, for example when they decided to halve the time between chip-generations in the 1990s.
3) What role did AndyGrove played in Intel’s overall success? How would you describe his major contributions?
He was the leader of the company, and took hard decisions that turned out to be the correct ones. He also had...
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