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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2011
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Case Study 3 Mc Donald’s

La Molina, 2011
Mc Donald’s Case 3
1. Analyze the strategies (marketing,finance, brand, social responsibility) that you could find. Do you think they are correct, why or why not?

2. What do you think about the MCD trials and demands? Do you agree with them? How thefirm can avoid them?
This company is one of the most significant images that a corporation has in the United States; however it does not have much control in terms of movements or actions incertain situations. While the company cannot stop or expect these types of attacks; they can focus in their representation and take actions such as, could change the image strategy in these countrieswhere they have problems. Or do not enter these countries or regions where they could have problems of this magnitude.
In the example of the payment to the settlement to Hindus living in theUnited States, we think that it is necessary the company explain and communicate the clients the nutritional, and the ingredients components the food is make of. It is imperative to inform the clientsand let them know all kind of benefits and the negatives aspects of their product. The fact Mc Donald’s used beef to flavoring in its French fries seems it won’t make harm to anybody; but like theexample it is necessary to inform the clients in order to avoid this type of legal problem. It is important like it says in lines above, giving the total and complete information to the clients.
3.Which do you think the product’s strategies must be for the next few years and why?
The first strategy they must implement is the diversification; it is true that Mc Donald’s had always thesame menu with small varieties of products. We think it is time to implement and explore new ideas in its menu and food. We can see that here in our country, this company have implemented in several...
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