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3) Provide 3 alternatives with their analysis and comparison
• The company should do aggressive marketing
By doing these the company can gain more marketshare because their brand would be even more recognized and also the company can become the leader.
• The company can export and pursue internationalopportunities
The company can improve their sales if their start having a export strategy because at the moment most of their sales are domestically, and if theyexport more they can earn more revenues and been known internationally.
• The company should take advantage of the domestic market
In this way the companycan improve their revenues by selling more wine in combibloc because this would give them an advantage over the companies that use the tretapack system, andcan be more diverse and flexible.
These three alternatives even though they have different points they all focus on the company growth, by maintaining theircustomers but also gaining new ones, and by exploring new markets. One disadvantage that if they expand internationally they have to find a way to solve theviolability of exchange rates and face new competitors.
Make a recommendation
The company could start a strategy to win more market as they export,because they will earn more revenues, and the brand will be more recognized, domestically they can keep using their combibloc system because these would allow themto have more revenues and an advantage because the package is flexible, and if they do a more aggressive marketing strategy they can become the main leader.