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Doris Flores
Yesenia Agudo
Yoryibel González

Based on the drama “Cassiopeia”
Vacation DBSK Movie

December 5th, 2011.

Copyright ©

Scene #1
Simon is his bedroom, taking some rest and having happiness because after 3 years with success enough, the band which he is leader decided to take 2 vacation weeks, so he is thinking aboutwhere to spend his free time.

(Somebody is knocking)

Simon: who is there?
Employer: Mr., there is a letter for you; it is from nursery school… Again

Simon got lost around 30 seconds and he opened the door.

Simon: Give me the letter.
Employer: take it Mr.
Simon: you can go.
Employer: excuse me.

Simon goes to his bed and opens the letter, thereupon he reads out loud.

Simon:Simon: “I want to see you in person just one, I don’t have that much time left…”


Simon: who is this?
Employer: I’m sorry Mr. Simon, the nursery school did call. The person who sends you the letters is died.

Employer leaves the bedroom seeing the staring of Simon who seconds later kept reading:

Simon: I really want to see you but if my letters don’t come anymore it mean I’mnot on this world anymore.

After some minutes thinking, Simon takes the decision to go to the Nursery School, soon he says:

Simon: What meaning could there be by going to see that child now?

Simon puts the letter on his face and look up hopelessly.

Scene #2

Simon arrived to the Nursery school and the principal gives him the welcome.

Principal: we are honored to have apopular star here at our nursery school.
Simon: I came to find something out. I heard a girl dead here recently. She has leukemia and her name is Alejandra.
Principal: Ale?

Scene #3

Principal guides Simon to the place where Alejandra is, she is playing funny with 2 kids, she pursues them with a water gun.

Alejandra: you guys are in big trouble.
Kids: (screaming) no, no.
Alejandra: stayright there.

Alejandra shoots the water gun and water fall on Simon’s face. He shakes and Alejandra goes shiny where he is.

Alejandra: I’m sorry.

And she saw Simon surprised.

Principal: This is Alejandra.
Simon: what?
Alejandra: Simon!
Scene #4

Alejandra is sitting on a bench and Simon walks from one side to another. Alejandra observes him admired and afraid atthe same time.

Simon: you wrote a novel didn’t you? How can you trick me like that? What? Leukemia with a short life? Assume you are dead if your letters don’t come anymore? Do you know how you I was worried about you?
Alejandra: (smiling) really? I didn’t know you would think of me like that. It feels good.
Simon: If you play this kind of joke again I won’t leave you alone. I just wastedmy time (he takes his bag and walk some steps, Alejandra stopped him with her arms).
Alejandra: hold on Simon. I didn’t lie completely. There is someone who is really sick and wanted to meet you.

Scene #5

Alejandra goes to a bedroom and Simon is next her. In that place there are a lot of posters from Simon’s band and Fernanda is in her wheelchair. Alejandra goes tenderly withFernanda.

Alejandra: Fernanda, see who came! It’s Simon whom we both like. You are happy right?

Simon smiles her and she doesn’t realize anything.


Simon and Alejandra (with Fernanda in the wheelchair) are walking in the yard of the Nursery School.

Alejandra: Before she got into the accident we both went to the broadcasting studio to see you lots of times.
Simon:what happened to her?
Alejandra: car accident.
Simon: (thoughtful) I don’t think she is your biological sister.
Alejandra: we lived in the same neighborhood and grew up together. I was always with her like she was my biological sister. We got along well. Maybe it’s because we both liked the same person.
Simon: oh I see.
Alejandra: Simon, I have a favor. Next Saturday is...
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