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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2011
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1-How did you meet?
We met each other in a pub.
2-How long have you been dating?
We have being dating almost one year.
3-How do you spend your free time?
In our free time wetalk, hang out or just stay in one of our apartments.
4-How do you solve your problems?
We get angry in occasions and we have separate from each other. Then after a while we talk
about it andresolve the situation.

When we met it was in a pub. In occasions we started to hang out once in a while but nothing
serious. We have almost one year in this situation but as I saidbefore nothing serious. I think that
we are happy in our own way. In our free time we talked, hang out or just stood in his apartment
or mine. We are adults and our family respects that. There havebeen some situations of anger as
a couple where we separate from each other for a while , but after talking about it the situation is
resolved. We don’t live together and perhaps that could be thedifference between a marriage
and a couple who live together more time. The situations occur but they could be less. We try to
benefit the most we can together. Even if we are not together welove each other a lot.

1-How did you meet?
We met each other in high school.
2-How long have you been engaged?
We have 3 years together.3-How do you spend your free time?
We try to spend the most time together and also spend some time with our wedding planning.
4-How do you solve your problems?
I always get angrier than him, but wealways try to resolve our problems the best we can.
There is a lot of love.

My fiancé and I met when we started in high school and we have been together ever since. We
have 3 yearsas a couple and 2 years engaged which we will get married in summer 2011. Both
of us work and in our free time we try to be together the most time as possible. We hang out,
spend time with our...
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