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Why Use Anything Else?

2008-2009 Catalog
Professional Quality Tools

Why Use Anything Else?
is the leading manufacturer in the locksmith industry of auto entry tools, full color manuals, inspection lights, installation tools and punch key machines. With over 25 years in the locksmith industry we have the experience and staff to provide the quality products you want. Pro-Lok® wasstarted by locksmiths who owned locksmith shops and ran service calls unlocking cars, installing locks, punching keys and opening safes. There is a big difference between actually running thousands of service calls and seeing first hand the problems you run into, verses our competition, most who have never been on a real service call.



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Our logo proudly states“Professional Quality Tools”. As our company has grown over the last 20+ years, our goal has been not just to maintain, but to actually improve the quality of each and every one of the products we make. Our company slogan, “Why Use Anything Else?” is not just something we say, it’s something we believe in very strongly.

Table of Contents
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Patented Tool Solutions
Problem #1: The Tools Slide and SlipAlong the Linkage
It has been difficult at times to maneuver the locking linkage. Once the end of the tool is placed on the lock linkage, the tool wants to slip along the smooth surface of the linkage as opposed to moving the linkage to the unlocked position. The reason for this is simple. The round smooth surface of the car opening tool is being placed on the round smooth surface of the locklinkage. Two round, smooth surfaces, placed together do not work well. This works against your efforts to maneuver the linkage to the unlocked position. Tools that are designed to couple or seat on the lock linkage are knurled before our flattening process.


Knurl the part of the tool that makes contact with the lock linkage.
This process provides you with a smooth tool on the sideswith a textured surface that makes contact with the smooth locking linkage.

The textured surface of the tool makes it easier to maneuver the linkage as opposed to slipping or sliding along the linkage. Less strength is required.

Knurling the end of the tool

Problem #2: Tools Are Either Too Big or Too Weak
Over the last few years, car manufacturers have increased the quality and materialsused in making car doors. Their efforts have created tighter doors and less space between the weather stripping and the glass. The tightness created has made it increasingly difficult to insert your car opening tools between the glass and weather stripping in order to lower the tool into the door cavity. When you are able to insert your tool, it becomes more difficult to maneuver your tool arounddue to tightness. The solution sounds simple. Make tools thinner to make them easier to enter the door cavity, right? The problem then becomes the strength of the tool. By making the tool thinner the tool looses its stiffness and strength. Without the strength, the linkage becomes difficult if not impossible to maneuver.
PRO-LOK's Xacto-Grip Flattening Process
PRO-LOK's Original WireXactoGrip Tools vs Other Manufacturers Wire Tools
Company X Up to 40% thicker than Xacto-Grip Company Y Up to 30% thicker than Xacto-Grip PRO-LOK's Original Wire

Xacto-Grip BeforeWire Flattening Xacto-Grip After Wire Flattening on One Side Xacto-Grip After Wire Flattening on Both Sides


PRO-LOK has changed the size and shape of 25 of its car opening tools.
• Only the highest grade...
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