Cat bill

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Cat Bill
Through his use of concise rationale, extensive use of detail, and simple diction, Stevenson ostensibly elaborates on the reasons which justify his veto on the Cat Bill,and in doing so, he constructs substantial and effective arguments which appeal to the audience beliefs and explain the reasons behind the negation of the Cat Bill.
Governor Stevenson uses a conciserationale in order to create substantial arguments which depict his viewpoints and beliefs regarding the importance of the Cat Bill in the state of Illinois. “I am afraid this bill could only creatediscord among the owners,” by stating this, Stevenson illustrates the ineffectiveness of the Cat Bill. His reasoning demonstrates that a law of such nature would only cause discord among cat owners,since it presents the public with an opportunity to create a hunting game in which the cat is the prey. It sends a message that would only cause recrimination and enmity among the community of the stateof Illinois. Moreover, Governor Stevenson states, “ The state of Illinois and its local governing bodies already have enough to do without trying to control feline delinquency,” demonstrating thebill’s minimal importance to the local government. This reasoning undermines the importance of the bill, and creates a sense of inefficiency towards the purpose of the bill itself. Stevenson’s concisereasoning proves to create substantial arguments which are effective for his audience.
The extensive use of detail employed by Governor Stevenson illustrates the major faults of the bill, which in turnmake his arguments more important and effective for his audience. “If we attempt to resolve it by legislation…we may take sides in age-old problems of dogs versus cat, bird versus bird, or even birdversus worm,” by stating such detail, Stevenson demonstrates that the purpose of the law is rather useless, and quite pointless. He continues to demote the importance of the bill’s purpose by...
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