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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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Shabnum Azizi


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How Does Temperature Affect the Reaction Rate between Catalase andHydrogen Peroxide?
Abstract Objectives/Goals My objective was to learn how certain temperatures affect the decomposition reaction of Hydrogen Peroxide. Methods/Materials First, I extracted catalase frompotatoes. Then, I soaked a filter disc in the beaker with the catalase. I filled another beaker with hydrogen Peroxide and placed both beakers in a water bath. When the Hydrogen Peroxide and Catalasegot to the desired temperature, I used tweezers to take out the filter disc from the beaker with the catalase and inserted the disc into the beaker with the hydrogen Peroxide. I timed how long it tookfor the disc to rise to the top of the hydrogen peroxide. I also measured the height of the Hydrogen Peroxide and divided the height(cm) by the time it took the filter paper to rise(sec). Results Ifound out through this experiment that as the temperature increased, the speed of the decomposition reaction varied. Between ten and fifteen degrees celcius, there was no reaction. Then from fifteen totwenty-five degrees celcius, there was a lot of reaction, because the molecules could bind together, therefore producing a great amount of reaction. At thirty degrees celcius, the speed that the filterpaper rose decreased. This was the outlier of my experiment. At thirty-five degrees, the average speed of the filter disc rose to 0.246 cm/sec. At forty-five degrees, the reaction was slowing down to0.159 cm/sec, because the enzymes were starting to denature. And at fifty degrees celcius, the enzymes were denatured completely, so there was no reaction at all. Conclusions/Discussion The results Igot support my hypothesis, however there was an outlier in my results. At thirty degrees celcius, the reaction rate slowed down, when it should've sped up. I think I got this outlier because I...