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Belden Optical Fiber Catalog


Belden FiberExpress® Systems, Cable and Connectivity

Belden FiberExpress Systems are the definitive choice for all your optical fiber needs.
Our focus on quality and detail ensures a solid return on your fiber cabling investment.

Preparing for the Future with Belden FiberExpress Solutions

Belden has been involved in the development of optical fibercomponents since 1972 — evolving to its present status as an international supplier of high quality, cost-effective optical fiber cabling systems. The FiberExpress Solution is the culmination of Belden’s experience in the optical fiber arena, offering users a complete, high-performance, end-to-end cabling system that supports both centralized and fiber-to-the desk (FTTD) topologies, as well asin-building or campus backbone cabling configurations. The FiberExpress Solution is, however, much more than an assemblage of top-performing products. It represents a complete approach to the methodology of fiber optic cabling, i.e., FiberExpress systems are unique in their ability to offer both superior performance and a more cost effective, speedier and less complex installation process thantraditional fiber optic cabling systems. Belden developed the FiberExpress Solution to assure the smooth operation of your network and to provide for efficient network management — while continually reducing your total cost of ownership and preparing your system for the future.

Table of Contents Introduction FiberExpress Connectivity Connectors Pre-connectorized Assemblies Ultra Patch Panels ManagerPatch Panels Accessories for Patch Panels Secure/Keyed LC System Outlets FiberExpress Optical Fiber Cable Cable Selection Guide and Color Charts Interconnect Cable – Simplex and Duplex Distribution Cable Breakout Style Cable Interlocked Armor Distribution Cable Ribbon Cable Single Jacket, All Dielectric Cable Double Jacket, Armored Cable Double Jacket, Heavy-Duty Cable Central Tube CableTrayOptic® Heavy Duty, All Dielectric Cable Part Number Index Belden Customer Care Customer Service and Other Belden Contacts

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Offering Three Outstanding, Cost Effective Solutions

FiberExpress solutions are for fiber-to-the-desk or centralized cabling applicationsand the backbone infrastructure. FiberExpress PreTerminated systems are the ultimate solution for quick, easy, and reliable installations.

FiberExpress Solutions consist of a full range of multimode and single-mode cables, connectivity hardware, patch cords, cable assemblies, field connectors and a number of work area outlets. These solutions are characterized as fiber-to-the-desk systems,pre-terminated systems and in-building or campus backbone systems.
FiberExpress Pre-terminated Systems

FiberExpress Backbone Systems

The ultimate in quick, easy and reliable optical networking is the FiberExpress Pre-term System. All components are factory connectorized and fully tested to ensure fast deployment and tremendous reliability. This flexible solution can be deployed for traditionalLAN systems, as well as in specialized applications such as Data Centers and Storage Area Networks. The FiberExpress Pre-term System is also well-suited for temporary situations, such as disaster recovery installations or convention center services.

In today’s environment, cabling network backbones are typically designed using a combination of both multimode and single-mode fiber cables.Configuring the right fiber backbone for your unique premise or campus application is a complex process. An inadequate or improperly installed network backbone can severely limit overall network performance and, therefore, your business’s productivity and efficiency. Fortunately, selecting the right fiber backbone cabling solution is comparatively easy when you specify Belden FiberExpress Systems....
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