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  • Publicado : 9 de noviembre de 2011
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Juhani Julio Corral Kettunen
Mrs. Freeland
Physics, Catapult project
26 October 2011

A catapult is a projectile. When you throw a ball with a catapult, the ball will bea projectile in motion. That will be affected because there is gravity and the speed that gives the catapult to the ball.
A projectile follows a curved path that at first seems rather complicated.However, these paths are surprisingly simple when we look at the horizontal and vertical components of motion separately.
The vertical component of a projectile’s is like the motion described for afreely falling object. In the vertical direction, there is a force due to gravity. Its vertical component of velocity changes with time. Most important, the horizontal component of motion for projectileis completely independent of the vertical component of motion. Each component is independent of the other.
It’s supposed that this will help the group’s catapults to clear a one meter high wall anda distance of at least one and a half meter. The catapults requirement was it couldn’t be any higher than 0.5 meters high, the less it weighed the better chances of it shooting farther.

MATERIALS:· Arrow shafts
· Wood
· Leather glove
· Clothes hanger
· Screws
· 1 Bolt
· 1 Nut
· 1 Washer
· Golf ball
· Rubber bands
· Paper Staples
· Carpet Staples

For building thiscatapult, the group must have the needed materials. The group used wood planks and arrow like principal materials.
First, the group drew the lines to cut the wood. For cutting it, the group used ajigsaw and a coping saw, the group used four pieces of wood(about 30cm long and 10cm wide each piece of wood), then group used 4 arrows, which were cut with the saw, and which will be nailed to the wood,for final the group used a golf glove to do the sling, where the golf ball will be put in. When the catapult was built, the group must test it and see the conclusions, all the groups tested it at...
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