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Principio del formulario
1. Listen! The baby . (cry)

2. Sue sometimes an egg for breakfast.(have)

3. We always to school but today we the bus. (walk / take)

4. What are you doing? I the dishes. (clean)

5. I never beer. (drink)

6. Who inthe garden now? (play)

7. Look! I a picture. (paint)

8. English children French in their school. (learn)

9. Can you help me? No, sorry, I forthe test. (learn)

10. Joe often to school with me. (go)

11. It's nine o'clock and we lunch now. (eat)

12. My sister never table - tennis. (play)13. I always breakfast at 7 o'clock. (eat)

14. Susan TV now. (watch)

15. We a book at this moment. (read)-------------------------------------------------
Principio del formulario
1 Mr Cooper always a pound of sugar. (buy)

2 The shop assistant the door now. (close)

3 Kevin and Alannever away glass bottles. (throw)

4 Look! Freddy two baskets. (carry)

5 Now Mrs Caveman out of the window. (look)

6 Mrs Bingham shopping everySaturday. (go)

7 I the money at the moment. (count)

8 Mr Root always a box of eggs before buying them. (open)

9 Mum often her change. (forget)

10Listen! The manager to a customer. (talk)

11 My friends often shopping at the other supermarket. (go)

12 We always our things in a basket. (put)13 The shop at the moment. (close)

14 Every Sunday they tennis. (play)

15 She a shower now. (take)
Final del formulario

Final del formulario
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