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  • Publicado : 4 de diciembre de 2011
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Caulbearer & Hydrocephalus

Caulbearer births maybe as few as one in eighty thousand births. Most cases of hydrocephalus occur in infants and children, at a rate of 3 in every 1000 live births.Doodle, when he born his family finds that he was different and exotic. He born with 2 strange diseases: Caulbearer & Hydrocephalus, in the first the baby has a full face mask covering his face. In thesecond the baby has born with fragile bones and loss his coordination at the pass of the days. Doodle begins to experience symptoms and consequences related to the kids that have Caulbearer andhydrocephalus and he can’t live like the others kids.

Doodle was weak, he can’t walk, swim, fight or climb; was fragile and born with a caul, the same symptoms and situations that babies with Caulbeaber &Hydrocephalus experience. Hydrocephalus babies can’t be in constant movement, need to be quiet they have weak bones, slow growth and they lose the coordination & they have trouble to walk. Thisexplains that if you have this disease you need to be quiet because they are fragile; they wish do something but they can’t do anything, they wanted to do all the normal things. Caulbearers are distinctiveand rare but cannot be mistaken for anything else once you have seen a real one. They have a mask of skin stuck to the new-born child's' face from its forehead right to below its chin like a layer ofskin. The most distinctive characteristic is the two loops of membrane which go around the ears and head to keep it in place. Caulbearers United- Lifting the Veil stated that “Caulbearer children arestrange and stand out as quiet, with an unnerving presence” According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “Hydrocephalus is believed to affect approximately one in every500 children. The majority of these cases are often diagnosed before birth, at the time of delivery, or in early childhood.” Doodle can’t do diverse things since he born, he need to be quiet and need...
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