Causas de la primera guerra mundial

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Card 7

- Read pages 2-11 from the book.
- How far do you agree with the following statement: ´´The murder of the austrian heir in Sarajebo was the major cause of the First World War´´.
- Explain your answer and provide examples from the book.

- In my opinion the murder of the Autrian heir in Sarajebo on the 1914 wasn´t the major cause for the First War World it was only one ofthe five causes wich led to it.
It can be said that the murder of the king in Sarajebo was the cause of the First War World because as Autria-Hungary blamed Serbia for the murder of their king and finallydeclare war, Russia defended and supported Serbia this led Germany to involved in the conflict as it was allied with Autria-Hungary, due to this Germany declares war to Russia this made France,allied of Russia, to be in war with Germany, after Germany declaring war to France it invades Belgium this cuased Great Britain as it supported Belgium to declare the war to Germany, and finally Autria- Hungary declares war to Russia.
Although the murder of the Autrian king might been a big cause for the war, also the cause for the First World War to happen is because of imperialism this waswhen for example that powerful countries in Europe started realizing that they could conquer small and weak countries and take power of them but also the small countries wanted independence and to be free this meant not being ruled or under the power of any nation. Powerful countries also wanted to expand their lands and extract the raw materials and other good they might need an example ofimperialism was Morocco located in Africa this cause a lot of tension between Germany and France allied with Britain and Russia due to the fact that both Germany and the Triple Entente( Britain, France and Russia) wanted to control this land of Africa as they were full of raw materials and taking control of them meant a great expansion.
As Imperialism, nationalism was also an important cause ofthe war as many countries that obtained their independence and be ruled by someone with the same nationality that the people living in the country, wanted now to expand their territories and own more land this led to imperialism as all powerful nations were fighting among each other to control and own land. This countries the ones wich have become independent had to fight against the dependent oneswhich were ruled by independant as the dependant wanted to gain their liberty and be free. An example of nationalism in Europe was the one in Autria- Hungary wich was a big powerful country, one of their nations was Bosnia- Hersegobina which felt more identify and wanted to be govern by Serbia as more Serbians lived in Bosnia than Austria- Hungarians, Austria- Hungary didn´t wanted to releaseBosnia so they could join Serbia due to the fact Serbia will become more powerful and strong and Austria- Hungary will be weaker as they were losing an important nation. Because of this Bosnia started attacking Austria-Hungary in order to be relased and could join Serbia finally they were released and formed part of Serbia this happen because for Autria – Hungary it was more convinient now that theywere attacked to let go Bosnia as they started being a problem because they bombarded Austria- Hungary nations beside them so releasing them was the only choice they have.
Other example was what happen after the Otoman Empire dissolved, all countries wich formed part of it started fighting against each other to be free and gain their independence, when one country achieve this they try toconquer the other countries this was called the Balkan War. As a consequence Serbia got North and Central Macedonia, Greece got Crete, Salonika and South Macedonia and Bulgaria got Thrace and a part of the Aegean Coast.
This led to Bulgaria´s anger due to the fact they wanted Macedonia for them as most people in Macedonia were Bulgarians and this wanted to be govern by Bulgarians neither by Greeks...