Causas de la segunda guerra mundial

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  • Publicado : 27 de abril de 2010
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Why had international peace collapsed in 1939?

By the end of WWI Europe was very bad economically and it was also politically divided. What people did not want, was to suffer again in the waythey did during war. In order to achieve this desire, many decisions were made. For example, the creation of the League of Nations was made, in order to eliminate war between countries, treaties as theVersailles one was created in 1919, also with the same objective of achieving peace. However, all the issues established in the different treaties, did not satisfy everyone, that is why discontentwith the territory disputes began to appear as well as with disarmament measures, etc. The different “little factors”, helped to create a war atmosphere, which finally broke out in 1939. It is thepurpose of the present paper to examine the most important causes that helped to break World War II.
Firstly, when Adolph Hitler came to power in 1933, what he first did was to reduce unemployment, bysending them to the army and in this way the army would be strong again, and the objective of increasing Germany’s territory would be easier to achieve. He also, began the rearmament of the armysecretly, as the terms of the Treaty of Versailles prevent it. Everyone knew that he was doing it, but no one was able to stop him because of two reasons: they knew who Hitler was and they were maybe afraidof him, and also because they agreed that the Treaty was unfair. What they did not know, was that this rearmaments´ objective was a revolution or even a total war, by invading neighbouring countriesand trying to obtain again lost territory.
Secondly, in the 1930´s there were two incidents which really tested the League of Nations. These were the invasion of Manchuria in 1931 and the Abyssiniancrisis in 1935. During the first one, Japan invaded the area of Manchuria because its economy had been affected by the Great Depression. The League of Nations tried to take them from the area, but...