Causatives sentences

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The causative verbs
A verb-such as cause, allow, help, have, enable, keep, hold, let, force, require, and make-used to indicate that some person or thing helps to make somethinghappen.
A causative verb, which can be in any tense, is followed by another verb form.
With: Let, Make, Have, Get and help
Examples: with let:

* Simon let me drive his new car.
* Will yourparents let you go to the party?
* I don't know if my boss will let me take the day off.

Examples with make:

* My teacher made me apologize for what I had said.
* Did somebody make youwear that ugly hat?
* She made her children do their homework
* Juan made her do her homework.
* The teacher made the students stay after class

Examples with have:
* Dr. Blanco hadhis nurse take the patient's temperature.
* Please have your secretary fax me the document.
* I had the mechanic check the oil.
* They had Pedro arrive early.
* She had her childrencook dinner for her.

Examples with get:

* Angie got her son to take the medicine even though it tasted terrible.
* How can parents get their children to read more?
* The government TVcommercials are trying to get people to stop smoking

Examples with help:

* I helped my daughter make the homework
* Waiters help customers choose wine
* Teacher helps student tosolve the question.

Examples other causative verbs:
I allowed her get in the bus first, because she was beautiful.
I allowed my son get bed later, because is Christmas.
Juan Asked her teacher getout early because he have a meeting.
I asked my mom get out with my friend tonight.
I told my coworker call me when my boss arrives.
I tell you give me this package.
I persuaded my wife to make agood dinner.
I persuaded my son do not look for troubles in the school.
In my favorite bar is requiring showing our backpack´s to the watchman.
My father commanded us to get house early.
My Mom...
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