Causes for juvenile violence and delinquency

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First, violence is the action or series of actions which makes use of force,
especially physical force with the purpose or intent to destroy a thing.Violence is
also forcing someone to do something against their will or harm.

From the legal point of view is considered delinquent who "commits an act or
omission contrary to existing law."Juvenile violence can occur in many ways, the invasions are a classic example of
these manifestations of violence in which some people who lack a place where
living, unlawful possession ofprivately owned land, and that at the time of eviction
face the forces in real battles, and in some cases loss of life. Another clear
example of youth violence is the formation of gangs.

Crimecharacterized antisocial behavior that expresses the inadequacy of an
individual to society. It can be seen in a multitude of mental structures, from normal
to pathological.

Crime is a universalphenomenon linked to the social life and there is no society
without crime and youth violence. After the nineteenth century, have tried to find
the causes of crime.

They are many and varied reasonsor circumstances that may lead to a youth
commit crimes, among them being the main and which are generally accepted by
all scholars in the field, we note the following:

- Membership of adysfunctional family, and even difficulties in reconciling work
and family life, situations arise generally neglect and lack of boundaries and control
over their children. In several cases, some youngpeople try to fill these gaps by
joining youth gangs characterized by transgressive attitudes;

- Socio-economic marginalization and poverty, as it hinders the proper
socialization of the child;- Truancy and school failure: in general, is in the same area of the schools where
something begins to happen as "tagging" social, which makes the road to civil or
criminal anti behaviors by...
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