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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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O¡ ¡ Sept.nber dxy nr 1s21, nr the church of a Yorkshire villegc,
¡ r¡an a¡d six clildrcn stood around e grave Thev w'rc burvi¡sawom¡¡: thc na¡1lvife, the children's mother' The childrcn e''rc
allvcr-v-vc[ng,a nd wnhnr ¿fes'yearsthctwo oldcsrw erc dc¡d,too
Closeto thc *ild bcauty of the Yorkshire rnoors, rhc fadrer
brought up his vourg fanlil-v. \ho had heárd of the BroD¡es of
H¡wor rhdlen?B r . iwcl l died* 'hi leh e oas s¡ i1¡l Ioung In¡ ¡ ! but
rhc ¡hrcc sisters$ 'ho werc lcfth¡d ¡¡ extraordu¿rv sift' Ihev could¡ritc rn¡rvellons stories /.7t¿ E!/e, wutheritlg Hejshts' The
T.,n,ttt of wiLlfell Hdtl Bü ¡ Ch¡rlo¡te. Imil', and Anne Bro¡té
did notlircto groiv oU orro enjo! thcirf¡ne Onl) thcir fadrerwas
left, alone rvitb his ncn¡¡ries.
The Silver Sword
tA\ SF RR-{]] I-I LRRetoL¿b r loh" Es.otr
.trn openedhis s,oodcnbo\ ¡nd took ourtbesilv'r \word Thiswill
bmg me luck,' he said ro Mr Balicki. 'And invillbrins
bec¿user. o u g¡ve
Thc silver srord is onll r peper krifc, but it sives Jan and his
triendsh ope.Fhrng.ryc, oLd,a ¡d ¡freid.thc four childre¡ rI ro stáv
alive e¡rong thc runs ol bo¡rbed ci¡ies n ivar tor¡ Europe soon
the| will besmrhelong¡¡d rhngcrous lor¡nev sou¡h'f¡on l'olantl
,o sq izcr r ¡n" , r \¿< r l ' ,\ | upe h 5r t r rr h,i r P r ' ( r r r ' '8Ji .
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