Cazadores de microbios

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Guide for the next year
1.-Days of the week:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
January, February, March, April May, June, July, Agust, September,November, Diceber.
3.-Sentences in affirmative negative, questions and 8 with the verb “TO BE “.
Verb “TO BE”
1.- I am my house
2.- You are in the school
3.-We are in the department
4.-They are inthe table
5.-He is in the hospital
6.-She is in the living room
7.-It is a horrible cat
8.-It is a wonderful day

1.- He gest a playstation
2,-She cuts an apple
3.-He runs in thestreet
4.-She gives her computer
5.-He tells words
6.-She wakes up in the morning
7.-He sleeps at 10:00 of clock
8.-She finds a book
9.-He drives a car
10.-She swims in the afternoon
11.-Hesings beautiful songs
12.-She looks many cats
13.-He drinks a milk shake
14.-She eats food
15.-He reads a book
16.-She sweets as candy
17.-He falls of a cliff
18.-She sweets very good English19.-He does the homework
20.-She hurts the hand
21.-He sends cards of love
22.-She pays the rent
23.-He stands a dog
24.-She learns things
25.-He loves his brother
1.- He doesn´t geta playstation
2.-She doesn´t cut an apple
3.-He doesn´t run in the street
4.-She doesn´t give her computer
5.-He doesn´t tell word
6.-She doesn´t wake up in the morning
7.-He doesn´t sleep at10:00 of clock
8.-She doesn´t find a book
9.-He doesn´t drive a car
10.-She doesn´t swim in the afternoon
11.-He doesn´t sing beautiful songs
12.-She doesn´t look many cats
13.-He doesn´t drinksa milk shake
14.-She doesn´t eat food
15.-He doesn’t ´t read a book
16.-She doesn´t sweet as candy
17.-He doesn´t fall of a cliff
18.-She doesn´t speak very good English
19.-He doesn´t do thehomework
20.-He doesn´t hurt the band
21.-She doesn´t send cards of love
22.-He doesn´t pay the rent
23.-She doesn´t stand a dog
24.-He doesn´t learn things
25.-She doesn´t love her brother...
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