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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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March 9, 2010

C&D Technologies Site Report
Du Telecoms Landing – Fujairah - UAE

Revision History

Date of report. | Author | Revision Description |
Today 9 March 2010 | Reynosa |DU Telecom Landing Site – MDS Dubai – Report – 22-01-2010 |
2nd Complaint   22nd Jan 2010
Following the third capacity test, a further cell failure was reported. The cell voltage of cell 14 instring 2A dropped below zero volts at 3 hrs 10 mins, the test then stopped.
Site Statistics – Fujairah Landing Site
* Battery System – 6 x 24 cells msEndur AT-39P in parallel sharing a potentialmaximum load of 2,700 Amps for 4 hours, to the site design sold by MDS to Du Telecom the user.
* Connected to Emerson Switch Mode system for charging purposes.
* Temperature compensation probes atthe battery present, but not operating the charge compensation voltage adjustment as designed to do. (Suggest battery manufacturers coefficients need calibration at the controller in order tocompensate for the voltage correction against ambient or battery surface temperature ).
* Battery room ambient recorded on the day of inspection was 25 Deg C,

Notes related to the above installation& commissioning:-
1. No Open Circuit voltage measurements and polarity checks of cells were measured during the installation and commissioning phase, as are recommended in the I&O Manualprovided.

2. In view of the fact that OCV readings were not checked, it’s quite reasonable to believe that there was a good chance that the battery systems were not initial charged to a sufficientlevel prior to capacity testing being carried out.

Task | Responsibility | Status |
Task 1 * Replace leaking Cell 14 in string 3A | MDS – C&D | Complete |
Task 3 *Continue boost charge phase with DC Bus voltage set at 57VDC for a full three days prior to further capacity testing. From the attached site cell voltages recorded during me visit, you can note that...
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