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1 A PC can not connect to any remote websites, ping its default gateway, or ping a printer that is functioning properly on the local network segment. Which action will verify that the TCP/IP stack isfunctioning correctly on this PC?

Use the ipconfig /all command at the hosts command prompt.
X Use the ping command at the command prompt.
Use the traceroute command at the commandprompt to identify any failures on the path to the gateway.
Use FTP to check for connectivity to remote sites.
Download a troubleshooting tool from the PC manufacturer's website.

2 Refer to theexhibit. Which set of devices contains only intermediary devices?

X A, B, D, G
A, B, E, F
C, D, G, I
G, H, I, J

3 Refer to the exhibit. When computer A sends a frame to computer D, what computersreceive the frame?

X only computer D
only computer A and computer D
only computer B, computer C, and computer D
all computers

4 Which password is automatically encrypted when it is created?vty
X enable secret
enable password

5 Which three statements characterize the transport layer protocols? (Choose three.)

X TCP and UDP port numbers are used by applicationlayer protocols.
TCP uses port numbers to provide reliable transportation of IP packets.
UDP uses windowing and acknowledgments for reliable transfer of data.
X TCP uses windowing and sequencing toprovide reliable transfer of data.
X TCP is a connection-oriented protocol. UDP is a connectionless protocol.

6 Which type of media is immune to EMI and RFI? (Choose two.)

10 Base-T
10 Base-210 Base-5
X 100 Base-FX
100 Base TX
X 1000 Base LX

7 Refer to the exhibit. A technician is working on a network problem that requires verification of the router LAN interface. What address shouldbe pinged from this host to confirm that the router interface is operational?

8 Refer to the exhibit. The diagram...
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