Ccna1 chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Correct Answers:

1.What are the key functions of encapsulation? (Choose three.)

allows modification of the original data before transmission
identifies pieces of data aspart of the same communication
enables consistent network paths for communication
ensures that data pieces can be directed to the correct receiving end device
enables the reassembly of completemessages
tracks delay between end devices

2. What is a primary function of the trailer information added by the data link layer encapsulation?

supports error detection
ensures orderedarrival of data
provides delivery to correct destination
identifies the devices on the local network
assists intermediary devices with processing and path selection

3. Which two layers of the OSImodel have the same functions as the TCP/IP model Network Access Layer? (Choose two.)
Data Link

4. Which three statements best describe a Local AreaNetwork (LAN)? (Choose three.)

A LAN is usually in a single geographical area.
The network is administered by a single organization.
The connection between segments in the LAN is usually through aleased connection.
The security and access control of the network are controlled by a service provider.
A LAN provides network services and access to applications for users within a commonorganization.
Each end of the network is generally connected to a Telecommunication Service Provider (TSP).

5. Refer to the exhibit. Which networking term describes the datainterleaving process represented in the graphic?


6. What is the primary purpose of Layer 4 port assignment?

to identify devices onthe local media
to identify the hops between source and destination
to identify to the intermediary devices the best path through the network
to identify the source and destination end devices that...
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