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Network Diagram, major IP address =

Given the network as in the diagram above, you are to perform the tasks:

Section 1: Using VLSM to create the IP planning
1.2. 3. 4. LAN1: 20 host addresses LAN2: 200 host addresses LAN3: 200 host addresses LAN4: 100 host addresses 5. 6. 7. LAN5: 100 host addresses LAN6: 10 host addresses WAN link: 2 host addresses

1.1:IP subnetting table Name-required addresses LAN1 LAN2 LAN3 LAN4 LAN5 LAN6 WAN link Subnet address Address range Broadcast address Network/ Prefix

1.2: IP Address assignments IP address Router1,S0/1 Router1, F0/0 Router1, Loopback2 Router1, Loopback3 Default gateway Unwanted Unwanted Unwanted Unwanted
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Network number
Router2, S0/0 Router2, F0/0 Router2,Loopback4 Router2, Loopback5 DNS Server1 DHCP Server2 PC1 HTTP Server3 Dynamic Dynamic Unwanted Unwanted Unwanted Unwanted

Section 2: Using Packet Tracer to perform the tasks
1. Creating a physicalnetwork. ( Router: 2621XM; Switch: 2950-24 ) 2. Basic router/switch configurations: a. Hostnames: Assign the Routers/Switches/Severs/PC names as in the diagram (e.g. ‘router1’, ‘router2’, ..., ‘switch1’,‘switch2’ ,..., “DNS Server1”,…, “PC client” ). b. Passwords & Banner Message: ( Routers only ) i. Console and VTY lines are password protected, password=’class’. ii. Set the privileged mode password(enable secret password) to ‘cisco’. iii. Banner contains the name of the student who configures the device. Banner (motd) example: Hello, this is router 1, configured by Nguyen Van A. c. Routersinterfaces: i. Assign IP addresses and subnet masks. ii. Use the clock rate 64000 for DCE port. iii. Create descriptions. Interface description example: Connect to Router2. d. Static default route: i.Router1: (config)# ip route s0/1 ii. Router2: (config)# ip route s0/0 3. Backup Configuration: Backup Router1/Router2 configuration on TFTP Server4 4. Configuring the...
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