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EXAM DATE: 22 November 2009
Take Assessment - ESwitching Final Exam - CCNA Exploration: LAN Switching and Wireless (Version 4.0)

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator needs to add IP phones to the network. To which devices should the IP phones connect? AS1 and AS2 DS1 and DS2 DS1, DS2, and CS1 AS1, AS2, DS1, and DS2


A wireless client is attempting to establish a connectionwith a wireless access point. What process does the client use to discover the access points which are available to it? probing beaconing association authentication


Which statement is correct about STP architecture? Spanning Tree Protocol will guarantee a loop free Layer 2 topology. Spanning Tree Protocol guarantees the shortest path to destination networks. The switch with the highestpriority will be assigned the lowest BID in the root election. The first step in the spanning-tree election process is to determine the root port. To select designated ports, the spanning-tree algorithm must determine the longest contiguous path from the root bridge.


Refer to the exhibit. Users A and B are reporting intermittent connectivity problems. Pre-installation surveys showed strongsignal strength from the AP locations to the client locations. Outside electrical interference has been eliminated. What will fix the problem? Relocate the APs closer to each other. Increase the distance between the clients. Change the channel on AP-B to 6 or 11. Place AP-A and AP-B on the same wireless channel.


RSTP is enabled in a switched network that is active and converged. Whichswitch port type assumes a discarding state on non-root switches? root port edge port alternate port designated port


Which CLI mode allows users to access all device commands, such as those used for configuration, management, and troubleshooting? user EXEC mode privileged EXEC mode global configuration mode interface configuration mode


Refer to the exhibit. Switches S2 and S3 areproperly connected using an ethernet cable. A network administrator has configured both switches with VTP, but S3 is unable to propagate VLANs to S2. What could be the reason for this? The VTP configuration revision is different on both switches. The VTP domains are different on both switches. VTP pruning is disabled. VTP v2 is disabled.


Which parameter is used to uniquely identify one wirelessnetwork from another? SSID OFDM WEP



Refer to the exhibit. An administrator documented the output of a CAM table from an Ethernet switch as shown. What action will the switch take when it receives the frame shown at the bottom of the exhibit? discard the frame forward the frame out port 2 forward the frame out port 3 forward the frame out all ports forward the frame out all portsexcept port 3 add station 00-00-3D-1F-11-05 to port 2 in the forwarding table

10 Which configuration changes will increment the configuration revision number on the VTP server? configuring trunk links on the VTP server configuring or changing the VTP password configuring or changing the VTP domain name configuring or changing the VTP version number configuring or deleting a VLAN or creating aVLAN name


Refer to the exhibit. What is the result of issuing these commands? The enable password will be set. The password will be set for the first Telnet connection. The password will be set for the console connection.

The password will be set for the auxiliary connection.


Refer to the exhibit. If switch SW1 is configured with the four VLANs as shown in the exhibit, howmany physical interfaces are needed on router R1 to configure inter-VLAN routing using subinterfaces? zero one two four

13 What two methods can be used to remove MAC address table entries from a switch? (Choose two.) Power cycle the switch to clear all dynamically learned addresses. The clear switching-tables command will remove statically configured entries. The clear mac-address-table command...
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