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o An explanation of what characters you chose and who or what they represented
My characters were all in relation to animals to show that we have to take care of natureand wildlife to protect animals/plants. My first character, the bobcat, represented the “good guy” and the main character in the conflict. I chose the bobcat as “good” because the person or animal thatis getting harmed is usually innocent, smaller (less power) and shy. The second character I chose was the cheetah that represented an ally. The cheetah was the ally because normally the ally is braveenough to help, but doesn’t have more power than the “bad guy” or enemy. Finally the black bear represents the “bad guy” or the bully because he makes himself look big and confidence to show power andsuperiorness towards the others.
o An explanation of the conflict(s) between the characters
The conflict in my story was power or territory because in my conflict the black bear invaded territorythat was not his by threatening the bobcat to gain more power.
o An evaluation of how cooperation and conflict influenced the characters in the story
The conflict in my story is about how the blackbear invaded the bobcat’s house and tries to deliberately threaten him. He was left out in the cold winter with no food or shelter that seemed like it lead to his death. The conflict got solved by apassing cheetah which helped him get better by feeding him and taking care of him at his house. Then the cheetah offered to help the bobcat recover his house by setting a trap on the black bear so hewould survive the winter. The bobcat only survived because of the kind cooperation of the cheetah, and also using teamwork to solve their problem in the best non-violent solution.
o An explanation ofthe solution
The conflict got solved because of a passing ally that took the time to help the bobcat and then decide on the best way to recover his house so he would survive the winter. My conflict...
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