Paul G. Mathew, M.D.,1,2 and Ivan Garza, M.D.3

ABSTRACTKEYWORDS: Primary headache, migraine, trigeminal autonomic cephalgias, clusterheadache, tension-type headache

EVALUATION The first major step that a neurologistmust take when evaluating a headache patient in an outpatient neurology practice isto establish whether the headache is a ‘‘primary’’ or ‘‘secondary’’ type ofheadache. Primary headaches are those that cannot be attributed to an underlyingdisorder, whereas secondary headaches are due to a specific underlying cause ordisorder. In the case of secondary headaches, addressing the underlying disordercan often, but not always, lead to resolution of the headaches. Some of the commoncauses of secondary headaches are listed in Table 1.

History The most [continua]

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