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bank account

banks can give people a variety of services for witch they make different kinds of charge. Bussines transactions, loans bank account, credit cards. etc. Are some examples of suchservices of these, bank accounts are probably the most popular with the general public.
the thru kinds of account are the savings account, the deposit account and the current account inteset is allowedan loth deposit and saving account but a cheque book is not isswed. A current account, on the other hand, is an account into wich many can be paid and from wich you can wich draw by cheque.
Savingaccount are particulary advisable for young people, as a saving account,can help you to satisfy, some important needs in the future: higher education, professional, equipament, housing, health care,etc.
In business and in every day life, a current account is most useful. However, it requieres careful handling becouse, among other, this means that many people could have a legal interest in a chequeIt is there fore highly desirable that you should be familiar with some precautions such as the follewing.
Keep your cheque book with you or under lock and key
you should never give on unusedcheque form to a stranger
Do not sing cheques until you have filled in all the details
alove all, dont put your signature on a blank cheque (you many lose it and it would then be very easy for someoneto fill in any amount and make it payable to himself
It is extremely unurise to put your signature on the cheque book cover
it you cheque book or a single cheque is lost or stolen, you should at onceinform your bank manager

cuenta bancaria

los bancos pueden dar a la gente una variedad de servicios para el cual hacen diferentes tipos de carga. transacciones de Empresas, cuenta bancariapréstamos, tarjetas de crédito. etc son algunos ejemplos de tales servicios de estos, las cuentas bancarias son probablemente el más popular entre el público en general.
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