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SCENE 1: Emily, Billy, and Sarah

SCENE 2: Emily, Billy, Sarah, Roman, and Girl

SCENE 3: Emily, Billy, Sarah, Pharaoh, and Egyptian

SCENE 4: Emily, Billy, Sarah, Mongols, and Chinese

SCENE 5: Emily, Billy, Sarah, Cortés, and Moctezuma

SCENE 6: Emily,Billy, Sarah, and Amelia Earhart

SCENE 7: Emily, Billy, Sarah, Mr. Sugihara, Mrs. Sugihara and Aunt Setsuko
SCENE 8: Emily, Billy, Sarah, and Anna Frank

SCENE 9: Emily, Billy, Sarah and Rosa Parks

SCENE 10: Emily, Billy, Sarah, Sarah Joyner and 2 sisters

SCENE 11: Emily, Billy, and Sarah


Good morning dear parents. Sixth grade is glad to present thewonderful story “The Time Machine”. This play is an adaptation which came from different selections we read during the school year: It took “Courage” to save Jewish refugees during the World War II and face the segregation in the United States. Some people wonder “What Really Happened?” to Amelia Earhart, and Pompeii. What is like to Discover Ancient Cultures and visit The Great Wall of China, TheGreat Pyramid of Egypt, The Lost Temple of the Aztecs, and have an interview with an amazing Doer and Dreamer: Jackie Joyner-Kersee. We hope you enjoy this presentation. Get set to travel with us in the time machine. Ready? let’s go.


(Three friends sitting in the living room of a house)

Sarah: I am bored. What can we do now?
Billy: I don’t know. We have played all the games weknow.
Emily: I know…mmmm let’s go out and ring some doorbells outside.
Billy: Good idea Emily!
Sarah: NO NO! I don’t want to do that. What if our neighbors caught us?
Billy: Come on Sarah. No one is going to see us…Let’s go.
Sarah: OK but if someone sees us I will pretend I’m not with you guys.
Sarah and Billy: Sure. Let’s go.

(They get out of the house and start ringing doorbells)

(Aperson asks who’s there and they run to hide)
Man: Who’s there? (he sees no one, and slams the door)

The kids laugh…when they are about to ring another doorbell…they listen to a strange sound.

Billy: What’s that?
Emily: Shhh…Listen, let´s go and find out what it is.
Sarah: No, no it can be dangerous…We better go home.
Billy: Don’t be a chicken …come on…
Emily: it comes from here…

(theyopen the door of a kind of scientific laboratory and start looking for the sound, suddenly the time machine opens its door.)

Billy: WOOOW…What’s this?... it looks like a spaceship or something…
Emily: Let’s see what’s inside…
Sarah: No...It may be dangerous and someone may see us and we could get into trouble…why don’t we go home now? I am scared. Come here!

(all three get into themachine, suddenly the time machine’s door closes and they start traveling through time)

Sarah: Oh no we are stuck inside here …What’s happening?
Emily: It’s moving…Where are we going?
Billy: I don’t know but this is cool!

(after a while the machine stops moving and the door opens)


(The kids get out of the time machine and start looking at everything)
Sarah: Where are we?
Billy:I don’t know, but this is cool.
Emily: It looks like ancient Rome…Oh my… We are in Pompeii!!
Billy: Look at the town…
Sarah: Did you know that in a.d. 79 Mount Vesuvius erupted, burying the Roman city of Pompeii in layers of ash and pumice. More than 1,800 years later, archeologists uncovered the houses and found the remains of the town and bodies of people and animals.
Billy: I didn’t knowall that.
Emily: Interesting! Look there are a man and a girl. Let’s ask them the time where we are.

Emily: Excuse me sir. What year is this?
Eros: Oh! Hello children…Today is August 24, 79 a.d. …Let me introduce myself. My name is Eros. Who are you?
Emily: I am Emily.
Sarah: My name is Sarah.
Billy: I’m Billy. Nice to meet you.
Eros: Nice to meet you. This is Silvia.
Silvia: Nice to...
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