Cell phones

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Cell phones are the cherry in the society’s ice cream

Imagen yourself without a cell phone…without talking or texting with your friends. The cell phone has become an integral and, for some,essential communications tool. As any technology it has its benefits and disadvantage. May be for us, students, most of the people say us that the cell phone more than a benefit gives us disadvantage. Wehave to find the way we can take all benefit more than the wrong things.

Anallize your day, how many time do you spend using the cell phone, we can say must of it. The cell phone has become basicfor the social relationships; more know because of the innovation of having internet. The really important uses for these gadgets are for asking help when you are in trouble. Fully 74% of Americans whoown mobile phones say they have used their hand-held device in an emergency and gained valuable help.

Cell phones also have some disadvantage; that may be most of the adults in the society mayfeel these disadvantages. Distraction is one of the things a cell phone made; in classes is the most common place where it happens. Texting a message takes off your attention of what the teacher issaying. Also being always looking to your cell phone during a conversation is take as a show of disrespectful, is like showing you don’t care about what she or he is saying. And finally in healthElectromagnetic waves alter [electric activity of the brain] and cause disturbance in sleep ; cause difficulty in concentration, fatigue, and headache ; and increase reaction time in a time-dependentmanner[. They increase the resting blood pressure and reduce the production of melatonin . They are also implicated in DNA strand breaks.
We have to pay attention to al this things and think in knewforms for using this gadget.

All things have something good and something wrong, and as any problem we have to find solutions. The market of cell phones is huge and that’s why disappearing them...
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