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The Globalization of CEMEX |
07/05/2011 |

The Globalization of CEMEX

In 1999 CEMEX operated cement plants in15 countries, owned production or distribution facilities in a total of30, and trated cement in more than 60, sometimes characterized the company´s international operations as a “ring of grey gold”, comprising commitments to high-growth markets, mostly developing andmostly falling in a band that circled the globe north of the Equator.
By the end of 1990s, the addition of countries such as Indonesia and Egypt to the ring had prompted discussions about the scope andspeed of CEMEX´s international expansion.
CEMEX has established a very strong brand managed to translate it into extraordinary profits from a commodity-driven business. There has invested considerablyin information technology over the years to boost productively and manage its operations more efficiently.
The company has gained a significant competitive cost advantage over its competitors bysetting up an excellent distribution infrastructure and centralized, computerized delivery network in which every moment of every truck is monitored in real time, enabling on-time delivery of cement andready-mix to customers. They build social capital by supporting low-income housing in Mexico.
CEMEX actually is the leader production and marketing of cement, concrete and related products. Herepurpose or what characterized in to HELP the customers building their future by providing the best products and service in the industry.
They offer multiproduct like:
* Steel: Under the heading ofsteel, they offer a wide variety of products essential structural support for your work. Ranging form nails to the rods that are literally the metal skeleton of a building.
* Wire: Annealed wireis used for the formation of castles, armed with slabs, structural steel jetty, overlapping and more.
* The castle sheet is a structural element used for the reinforcement of concrete elements...
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