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Rodrigo Iván Ayala Carrillo
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Total Area: 9,984,670 km2 (2nd)3,854,085 sq. mi
Limits: Sharing the land borders with the contiguous United States to the south and the U.S. state of Alaska to the northwest, stretching from the AtlanticOcean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west, to the north lays the Arctic Ocean.
Coasts: They’re extremely irregular with big bays and peninsulas.
Population: 34,351,000
Religions: Althoughthe country's Constitution does not set any official State religion, religious pluralism is an important part of the political culture of Canada. According to the 2001 census, 77.1% of Canadiansidentify themselves as Christians; of these, Catholics are the largest group (43.6% of the population).The largest Protestant denomination is the United Church of Canada (9.5% of Canadians), followed byAnglicans (6.8%), Baptists (2.4%) and Lutheran (2%). 4.4% Belonged to other flows cristianas.170 close of 16.5% of Canadians reported not having no religious affiliation and the remaining 6.3% areaffiliated with non-Christian religions, of which the most important are Islam (2%) and Judaism (1.1%).
Languages: English and French.
Government type: Federal parliamentary democracy and constitutionalmonarchy.
Legal system: Federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.
Way to elect their represent ants: Each Member of Parliament in the House of Commons is elected by a simplemajority in a constituency or its equivalent. The Prime Minister is who summons to general elections, which must be maximum five years after the previous election, or can be triggered by the Government toask the motion of censure in Parliament. Members of the Senate, whose seats are distributed according to each region are chosen by the Prime Minister and formally appointed by the Governor General...
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