Censorhip in movies

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Censorship has been around for ages it has its origins back in Rome, when the roman officers appointed by the government, to supervise the morals and manners of the people.
In present times censorship has evolved, and has gotten places we had never imagined, including media, political, military and other grounds.
In media referring to TV censorship, censorship usually refers tothe exclusion of certain topics, social groups or language from the content of broadcast programming.
In United States the history of censorship begins back in the 50’sand the 60’s , broadcasters structured programming content around the "normal," dominant, values of white, middle-class Americans. Therefore, content centered on the concerns of family values. Topics such as racism or sexuality wereexcluded from content.
One example of this “avoiding sexuality broadcasting” was The Dick Van Dyke show where the husband and wife were shown sleeping on different beds but in the same room (1965).
However, conceptions about the viewing audience and the limits of censorship changed drastically during the early 70’s, ratings researchers began to break down the viewing audience for individualprograms according to specific demographic characteristics, including age, ethnicity, education and economic background.
Frank discussions of sexuality, even outside of traditional heterosexual monogamy, became the focal point of many of the comedy's narratives. The series also introduced issues of ethnicity and bigotry as staples of its content.
Scriptwriters began to write dialogues including thewords “Damn” and “Hell”.
The proliferation of cable in the 1980s and the 1990s has only created conflicts over programming and censorship. Because of a different mode of distribution and exhibition, has been able to offer more explicit sexual and violent programming than broadcast television.

Nowadays a new tendency has been created; the censorship in media is not only depending on cable andbroadcasting, but it is depending of the government morals,
In some parts of the world, the government controls the media. This means that no one can broadcast or publish anything a government considers being immoral or harmful, or that threatens the country’s “stability”.
* In Algeria you cannot publish a note in the paper without government permission since 1962
* In Australiagovernment to regulate the tv and radio broadcasts
* In Brazil the Brazilian Constitution prohibits the anonymity on journalistic publications.
* In Cuba Censorship in Cuba extends heavily onto music, and television.
* Censorship in India mainly targets religious issues. It is justified by the government as necessary to maintain communal harmony, peace and tranquility
* Censorship inItaly mainly targets journalism and television information
* Censorship has been a fundamental element of Portuguese national culture throughout the country's history. From its earliest history Portugal was subject to laws limiting freedom of expression. This was mainly due to the influence of the Church since the time of Ferdinand I
* In Venezuela Venezuela
* In 2008 Venezuela is rankedat 113th out of 173 countries according to Reporters Press Freedom Index.

For me this is wrong the pure bases of a democratic government are “Freedom of Expression” that’s why in my opinion is something that violates the democracy and the freedom of the people.

Democratic countries, on the other hand, take pride in upholding the principle of freedom of speech. People are free to say and writewhatever they wish, with some carefully defined exceptions. But in a market economy, there is another controlling power at work – the power of money. In North America, most mainstream publications depend on two income sources: subscriptions and advertisers. Both influence decisions about content. Readers must find the content relevant, interesting, tasteful, and entertaining, or they will drop...
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