Centenario de la revolucion

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In the highest part of the city, on a tall column, stood the statue of the Happy Prince.

She was all covered with fine golden honeysuckle. He had, by way of eyes, two bright sapphires, and a large red ruby glowed on his sword hilt.

For all of which was much admired.

"It's so beautiful as a weathercock," remarked one of the Council members who wished togain a reputation for having artistic tastes. Now, it is not so useful, "he added, fearing that a man will take impractical.

And it really was not.

- Why do not you be like the Happy Prince? "Asked one mother of her son, calling for the moon. The Happy Prince never dreams of asking for anything in his voice.

"I am glad that there are in the world who is quite happy," muttered adisappointed man, looking at the wonderful statue.

"He looks just like an angel," said the Charity Children out of the cathedral, dressed in their magnificent scarlet cloaks and their beautiful white coats.

- How do you know? "Replied the professor of mathematics, if you have not seen one ever?

- Oh! We have seen in dreams, "answered the children.

And the Mathematical Master frowned and lookedvery severe, because he could not approve of children dreaming.

One night a little Swallow flew into the city.

Six weeks before her friends had left for Egypt, but she stayed behind.

I was in love with the most beautiful Reed. I found the early spring, when flying over the river after a big yellow moth, and attracted by her slender waist so that she stopped to talk.

- Want to love you?"Said the Swallow, who liked to come to the point.

And the Reed made him a low bow.

So he flew round her, touching the water with their wings, and making silver ripples.

It was his way of making the cut. And it lasted all summer.

"It's a ridiculous-twittered the other Swallows. Junco This is a very poor and actually have too much family.

And indeed, the river was strewn with rushes.When autumn arrived, all flew away.

Once were her friends, felt very lonely and began to tire of his mistress.

"I do not know how to speak," she said. And I fear it is inconsistent because it constantly flirts with the breeze.

And certainly, whenever the wind blew, the Reed made the most graceful bows.

"I see that she is domestic," murmured the Swallow. I like travel. Therefore, tolove me, you should love traveling.

- Want to follow me? He asked finally to her;.

But the Reed shook her head. He was too attached to her home.

- You have deceived me! "Cried the Swallow. I am off to the Pyramids. Goodbye!

And he flew away.

He flew throughout the day and at nightfall came to the city.

- Where to look for a coat? "He said. I guess the town has made preparations."

Then he saw the statue on the tall column.

"I'll put up there," he shouted The site is nice. Plenty of fresh air.

So he alighted just between the feet of the Happy Prince.

"I have a golden bedroom," he said softly, after looking around.

And went to sleep.

But as he put his head in the sand, here fell on him a heavy drop of water.

- How strange! "He cried. Not a single cloudin the sky, the stars are clear and bright, and yet it is raining! The weather in northern Europe is really dreadful. The Reed used to like the rain, but that was merely her selfishness.

Then another drop fell.

- What is a statue if it can not keep the rain? "Said the Swallow. I'll get a great crested fireplace.

And he prepared to fly away. But before he opened his wings, a third dropfell.

The he looked up and saw ... Ah, what you saw!

The eyes of the Happy Prince were filled with tears running down his golden cheeks.

His face was so beautiful in the moonlight that the little Swallow was filled with pity.

- Who are you? "He said.

"I am the Happy Prince.

"Then, why lloriqueáis that? Asked the Swallow. I have almost soaked.

-When I was alive and had a human...
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