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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2010
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Setting accents is easy.
LED lamps in classic shapes for easy replacement.



Innovation made by OSRAM: PARATHOM® CLASSIC A 40 – the first LED lamp that can be used as a direct replacement for a conventional 40 W incandescent lamp.


LEDs add fascination to general lighting.
Innovative LED lamps from OSRAM provide modern attractivelight. Thanks to their classic lamp shapes they look as good as incandescent and halogen lamps but steal the show in terms of their efficiency and eco-friendliness. They consume very little energy and contain no mercury at all. They also last an extremely long time so cut down considerably on waste. LEDs are not only suitable for general lighting tasks, they are ideal for accent, mood and effectlighting. And best of all, our LED lamps are equipped with standard bases so you do not have to change your luminaires – just take out the old lamps and insert the new. It is fascinating what these tiny all-rounders can do.

So many benefits, so many possibilities – simply by replacing your lamps. LEDs are superior to conventional light sources in many respects. They are extremely compact, robust andvibration-proof. They provide light in any color and produce very little heat. And thanks to their exceptionally low power consumption and impressive durability they are particularly economical and eco-friendly. OSRAM ensures that everyone can now benefit from this innovative technology. Our LED lamps look like classic incandescent or halogen lamps and are just as easy to use. Simply replacingyour lamps with LED lamps means that LED light can now be used in a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. You too can benefit mercial from our enormous innovative range featuring many different shapes and bases. Modern light is now affordable for everyone. y Widespread use of efficient energy-saving light sources in the domestic and comg mercial sectors is worthwhile not just forindiividual users. With modern lamps and systems you can also make an active contribution to minimizing the impact on the b environment. Our extremely durable and efficient LED lamps reduce CO2 emissions considerably and therefore actively counter the greenhouse effect. See for yourself!



The futureis here.
Nowhere do you have more space and opportunity to impose your personality and taste on your surroundings than in your own four walls. Stylish furniture, modern art on the walls, a cozy party room and a beautifully tended garden all need lighting that enhances the particular atmosphere. The innovative LED lamps from OSRAM offer so many options for modern individual energy-efficient lightingthroughout the home.

Contemporary lighting for modern interior design. With the new PARATHOM ® CLASSIC A and CLASSIC B instead of conventional 40 or 25 W incandescent lamps, elegant interiors are made even more attractive.


Left: PARATHOM ® reflector lamps create special accents for decorative highlights. Right: Everything under control. DULED ® provides energy-saving backgroundlighting or orientation lighting at night.

Simply replace to enjoy warm white light – and save at the same time. PARATHOM® CLASSIC lamps are impressive for their extremely long average lamp life of up to 25,000 hours and their exceptionally economical energy consumption of only around 0.5 to 8 W. Thanks to the fact that they have the same shapes and standard bases as conventionalincandescent lamps they can be used as direct replacements up to 40 W. With their warm white light, PARATHOM® CLASSIC lamps create a pleasant atmosphere throughout the home and even in some cases outdoors.

Create a modern look. PARATHOM® Reflector lamps can be used to create durable lighting effects in warm white or cold white light. Because there is no UV in the light and...
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