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English II and III
Please solve and send back.-
Lesson 2
A compound Subject is made up of two or more subject joined by a conjuction such as and or, ornor.-
A compound subject whose parts are joined by and usually takes a plural verb.
When the parts of a compound subject are joined by or nor. The verb should agree with the partclosest to it.
Practice and apply.-
Identify the sentence containing mistakes in subject-verb agreement, and rewrite them correctly. If a sentence contains no error, write CORRECT.1.- Arts and crafts are often hard to tell apart.
2.- A basket or pot serve a practical function, such as food storage.
3.- Yet collectors and museum curators prizes these objects fortheir beauty.
4.- Many pots and jars display high levels of artistry.
5.-Even forks and spoons appears in museums.
6.- Arms and armor occupies special halls in some museums.7.- Neither dirt or blood stains remains on the shiny surfaces.
8.- Adults and children find tools of warfare appealing.
9.- Antique beds, couches, or a rug seem enticing to the wearymuseum patron.
10.- Fortunately, signs and watchful guards reminds us not to rest of them.
Rewrite the article for a school newspaper so that verbs agree with compound subjects.There a five errors.-
Many ideas and opinions is expressed visually in editorial cartoons. Familiar symbols and caricatures communicate the cartoonists messages. For examples, a torn flagor a battered Uncle Sam suggest trouble in the nation. Politicians and celebrities are often criticized by exaggerating their physical appearance. Pompous leaders and corrupt people makesgood target. Sometimes neither caricatures nor a visual symbol bring a cartoonist’s point clearly. In such a case, a speech balloon or a caption help readers understand the cartoon.
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