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Lesson Plans:

Lesson plans will be located on top of the desk. They will either be printed or hand-written in a planner and marked with a paper-clip. If more activities are needed, refer tothe back-ups listed below.

Let students know to hold on to their work and I will collect it the following day.

Students with Special Needs:

IEPs, 504 plans, and other Support Plans arelocated inside the desk, on the right side.

2nd hour (Spanish I)- Nick Gianino
3rd hour (Spanish IV)- none
4th hour (Spanish I)- Sam Burkett, Taylor Gulley, Roshay Ell
5th hour (Spanish III)-Brendan Barteau
6th hour (Spanish I)- Amir Allen
7th hour (Spanish III)- Rita Alvarado, Jesus Torres, Diana Ramirez (all three are native Spanish speakers)

Back-Up Activities

Spanish I (2nd,4th & 6th hour) Book-Realidades I

Ch 1A: p 40-41, p 68-69
Ch 1B: p 64-65, p 68-69
Ch 2A: p 90-91, p 94-95
Ch 2B: p 114-115, p 118-119
Ch 3A: p 138-139, p 142-143
Ch 3B: p 162-163, p166-167
Ch 4A: p 188-189, p 192-193
Ch 4B: p 212-213, p 216-217
Ch 5A: p 238-239, also do “vamos a comprar!” p 239
Ch 5B: p 262-263

Spanish IV (3rd hour) Book- Abriendo Pasos (Blue booklocated on the corner shelves)

Ch 2 Read “Rosa” p 26-28 and answer questions on p 29
Ch 3 Define vocabulary on p 42, then read Un oso y un amor p 44-46 and answer questions on p 47
Ch 4 Read p 59about Julio Cortazar, then read p 60-61
Ch 5 Define vocabulary on p 71, then read Cajas de carton p 75-80 and answer questions on p 81

Spanish III (5th and 7th hour) Book-Realidades 3

Ch1A: p 28-29, 30-31
Ch IB: p 38-49, 41-43
Ch 2A: p 72-72, 76-77
Ch 2B: Read p 94-95, p 100-103 Answer questions from "Comprendiste?"
Ch 3A: p 130-131, p 134-135
Ch 3B: p 140-141 Answer"Comprendiste?", p 142-143
Ch 4A: p 171-173, p 178-179
Ch 4B: p Read 192-193, p 194-195 Answer questions from "Comprendiste?"
Ch 5A: p 210-211, p 218-219
Ch 5B: p 232-233 Anwer "Comprendiste?"
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