Challenges in teaching english

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How to overcome 3 main challenges in teaching English

* Overcoming different levels of commitment

* Set expectations clearly from thebeginning, what they can expect from you and what you expect from them (this can be different from group to group and teacher to teacher, but mostly it is about how youexpect them to behave on class, pay attention, be on time, when can questions be asked, if at all times, by raising hands, etc, you can also take theopportunity to ask them what are some of the things they expect that you might have overlooked)
* Use student encouragement, through positive wording (avoidthat’s wrong, next! Or simple noes, instead repackage the wording and say, that is not correct, but thanks, or “you will get it right next time, thanks” avoidjokes when people made an effort, keep respect awareness at all times)
* Do not skip praise when it is due (that is correct, thanks, I appreciate it,perfect, good job, ah that was tricky and you got it right, congrats, or after exams, you might want to praise the highest score on public, appreciate everyonebeing on time, etc)
* Encourage participation of all students, reserve some questions to pick the less involved person to answer, and do not miss theopportunity to ecourage to increase that person’s involvement
* Help your students identify a specific goal for attending class this will ensure everyone hasa vision of how the information you provide can help them in their life
* Execute classroom leadership, set high standards and do the same yoruself
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