Change climatic

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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2010
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Conference “change climatic”
The change climatic to opened one debate in all the world, since it is a problem that belongs to us because we are allcontributing in the destruction of the planet.
Other name with which it identifies the change climatic is “warming global” and is causing a imbalancein the climate, for example the stations of year are affected as well as the ozone layer, this with the time more worn, the glaciers that are foundin the poles are melting, causing the imbalance of sea increasing its level.
The concentration of gases pollutants such as the carbon dioxide,methane gas, nitrous oxides and chlorofluorocarbons, this gases they are trapped in the earth increasing the temperature del planet between 1.5°C y 4.5°C,causing the increase of deaths by waves of heat. Also threatening the flora y fauna of planet.
We as inhabitants of planet, we are destroying slowlywith the contamination that we cause, by the rate of life that today in day, by us the life we complicated to the planet in the in which we live.Finishes the water, the fossil fuels, destroying the forests , changing habitats, throwing trash, creating more technology contaminant, and doing nothingstop our uncountrolled contamination to benefit of us and the planet.
Today is the day that we can make conscience and act for save our planet,because after will be too late and can not make nothing because all will be destroyed and because of us same
¡Join the fight to stop climate change!
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