Chapters 39-40 don quixote summary

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- Chapters: 39-40, The Captive Tale I


Chapter 39: A captive man tells the story of his life: his father decides to let his posessions to his sons, but they must either join the church,sail as a merchant or be a soldier. The captive man chose to be a soldier and he starts to speak about his travels and how he became a prisoner in Turkey. He goes on and tells his new adventures andhow he used to be in the middle of a ship that didn't even belong to him working for his owner, Uchalí. One day he met Pedro de Aguilar, a man who composed two sonets: one for a defeated ship and theother one for a fort. Don Fernando, the man the captive was walking to, happened to be Pedro's brother and he says Pedro's safe, married and happy.

Chapter 40: The captive man recites both poemsand goes on with the story. He was put inside a "baño", a kind of prison, and he started to receive money and letters coming from a mysterious woman whose hands he could see through a small window. Whenhe managed to translate the letter he found out that the writer was a young woman willing to marry him. The girl, Zoraida, keeps giving him money so he and his friends can escape from prison afterpromising to take her with him and marry her.


Chapter 39:

- References to "el refranero": "Iglesia, o mar, o casa real", "que aunque la traición aplace, el traidor se aborrece".Sancho's the one who uses a lot of "refranes".
- Certain similarities to "El licenciado Vidriera" and his travels around Europe: "Embarquéme en Alicante, llegué con próspero viaje a Génova, fuí desdeallí a Milán, donde me acomodé de armas y de algunas galas de soldado, de donde quise ir a asentar mi plaza al Piamonte; y estando ya de camino para Alejandría de la Palla, tuve nuevas que el granDuque de Alba pasaba a Flandes", etc.
- Strong belief in religion and Christianity: "Pero el cielo lo ordenó de otra manera, no por culpa ni descuido del general que a los nuestros regía, sino por los...
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