Characteristics of the collaborative relationship

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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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Characteristics of the collabotrative relationship
There is a big different between two important concepts:
-Perceived value
-Value co-creation
The first one is based on an assessment made beforethe actual potential has been realized, so it’s a perception of the trade-off, not fact based. On the other hand value co-creation is the actual day-to-day activities that are carried out within theframes of the relationship.
* Perceived value
From the point of view of the Buyer the value perceived is based on benefits and sacrifices.
For the Buyer the main benefits are:
* Reliablefleet: It’s important to have safety and reliability in operations.
* Risk sharing: It’s confortable that the other part is going to share responsibility with him.
* Openness communication: TheBuyer want to get access to critical technical information about difficulties and damage that the Seller has experiences on other ships anywhere in the world to be able to avoid damages in his ownfleet.
* Operational efficiency: The operating of the engines is the biggest costs for a cruise ship operator, so it’s necessary maintenance and optimization program.
* Joint business development:By cooperating and developing together they can achieve more fuel-efficient technologies and also they are aware about environmental issues.
For the Buyer the most important sacrifices are:
*Price paid: Price can be viewed either as a benefit or a sacrifice depending on if it’s is seen perceived to be high or not.
* Exclusive commitment to the Seller on specified items: It’s a sacrificebecause this prevents the Buyer from economizing by applying strategic sourcing and bargaining with different suppliers.
* Technological dependence: They depend on the Seller’s support.
* Therisk of missing out on something providing by others
By the other way the Seller has his own point of view about the perceived value.
The benefits in this case are:
* Business security: It’s...
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