Charismatic leader

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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2010
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Charismatic Leader

My search on charismatic leaders that appears first is Gandhi. This appears as one of the largest charismatic heroes. But apart fromthis reality I found Mother Teresa of Calcutta. When lei article on it, his life and everything what did through his life I remain very amazed. Always listen toher, but never had I realized the opportunity to read and learn about it.
I think it a charismatic leader first because it helped the poor and powerless. This Imake shelters to help them, give them eat and a roof. Second because she help the children’s. She rescue them from the streets and provided them education,roof and food and shelter. Thirdly, there was someone who had passed through many obstacles such as poverty, violence and hunger; never leave you overcome and shewill teach, learned the English language.
It was furthermore educator evolved into this great charismatic leader who was. She was founded the missionaries ofcharity. Also she was a fighter and advocate for the poverty. She was visit many countries carrying her message of peace for which was awarded by manyministers and governors. She also led to provoke many criticize it your message about abortion and divorce. In spite of all she was a handmaid of the Lord that theonly thing that made until the day of his death was to help the poverty and helpless.
Personally now that I have learned more about she considered was anexcellent leader charismatic, dedicated and wrestler.

George Manning, Kent Curtis, The Art Of Leadership. Second Edition, Columbia Southern University.
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