Charity institutions

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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2011
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Charity institutions

Descriptive essay

Name: Carmen González Serrano

Teacher: Yessica Troncoso G.Subject: English language discourse

October, 2011


Volunteering is the work of the people who serve a community or the environment by their own choice and without want anything in return. In our country we have different national help organizations where volunteers help to solve various problems that affecting the country. In Chile, there are a variety of Institutions thatsupport some problems such as poverty, children, seniors, reconstruction, etc. Through this essay I am going to talk about 3 different types of charity foundations, making known its history and its main functions. Within this essay you are going to see the Telethon institution that is oriented to search the comprehensive rehabilitation of children and young people until 20 years old, who havedifferent diseases, neuro-source musculoskeletal, with a strong emphasis on self-care, looking for the completely rehabilitation of children and young people. Also I am going to talk about a Roof for Chile institution , which works with families of camps in the process of eradicating poverty, it looks that families have a better community and a quality permanent house. And the last one is the Rosesinstitution which is a social welfare institution, founded in 1967 by initiative of the Catholic Church in Chile, to help the elderly left in the country. The Foundation has many shelters and nursing homes throughout Chile, who value older adults and caregivers welcome and a family atmosphere. All those foundation are nongovernmental foundations.

Telethon Institution

On January 22,1986 Telethon Foundation was established as "a private corporation, whose legal status was obtained by Supreme Decree No. 59, dated January 22, 1986, by the Ministry of Justice. Its purpose is to guide and distribute goods and resources obtained or produced by the charity and help of people, the priority needs of the Society for Crippled Children's Aid, in addition to contributing, also funding fromother charitable institutions, public or private, non-profit organization aimed at disabled care in all its forms.. Telethon Institution owes its creation to the important initiative of Mario Kreutzberger Blumenfeld, who since their formation to nowadays, maintains a prominent and active participation in the development and promotion of it. Telethon Foundation derives its resources mainly throughthe Telethon or other event organized by it, and the priority focused to meet the needs of the Society for Crippled Children's Aid, understanding that this event is the main source of funding for it.

Telethon's mission is to search the completely rehabilitation of children and young people, until 20 years old, who have diseases, neuro-source musculoskeletal, it giving great emphasis toself-care. The main goal of the foundation telethon is to help children and young people in their rehabilitation and social integration. Currently a group of professionals from different areas are helping these patients to recover physically and mentally, also they help them to integrate into the society

The Telethon’s volunteers are a group made up of diverse people working to support thequality and warmth of care in institutions, promoting social integration and inclusion of disabled people and participating in community activities in conjunction with families and social organizations. Organizations by Telethon is the meeting place that brings together all those who want to help the thousands of children and youth with disabilities who receive services at Telethon, an event...
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