Charles dickens great expectations

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Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens was born in 1812 in southeast England and died of stroke in 1870. He is one of the most popular novelists presenting us the Victorian novel. When he was nine he moved with his family to London. His father was not good at taking care of money and soon after moving to London was arrested. The mother moved his seven brothers and sister to the prison as well. Theonly one who had the possibility to live out of the prison and work was Charles. Understandably these months he spent away from his family were very traumatic for him. After his father was released Charles started to attend school again. He worked as a law clerk, court reporter and finally as a novelist. Since he was twenty he worked for the newspaper Morning Chronicle. He succeeded when he wastwenty-five with his first novel The Picwikck Paper. Not only was he famous in Europe but in the USA as well. His whole work is very extensive and he was considered a literary celebrity until his death. Charles married his friend’s daughter Catherine Hogarth and had ten children.
His early life influenced especially the work Great Expectation as well as David Copperfield which are the mostautobiographical novels. Other novels by Charles Dickens are The Adventures of Oliver Twist, Sketches by Boz, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, American Notes, Pictures from Italy.
The historical context
Charles’s novels are usually set in Victorian England which was the period of social, political and economical changes. One of the factors helping these changes to happen was TheIndustrial Revolution. Although people were no longer depended on only themselves, the difference between poor and rich was still noticeable. The population of London was increasing as a result of people moving in to find better opportunities for living and working. The upper class of society was supposed to have appropriate education and know the manners of more than acceptable behavior.

RealismRealism is the literally movement which has the beginning in the middle of the 19th century in France and was fast spread into England, Russia and the United States. Honoré de Balzac is considered to be the major realist writer in France. Charles Dickens, George Eliot and Anthony Trollope belong among the foremost realist in England. The intention of this movement is to describe in detailslife, people and situations the way they are without any idealization, romantic or any other subjectivity. Other typical feature of realism is the critical analysis of defects of society and the topics which were not allowed to be talk about started to be uncovered. The language which is used by authors is not only the standard one but also many of dialects and colloquial language are presented.From the point of genre are often seen novels and epic poetry.
Great Expectations

Great Expectations is a novel about love, desires, social values and unexpected situations. The whole story takes place in Kent and London during the 19th century. The main protagonist and narrator is Pip who is telling us the story in past tense.
The main themes include ambition to be a better person, growingfrom a child to an adult, guilt and criminality, love converting into passion and on the contrary cold and cruel heart. Also secrets and bad qualities of people’s behavior are part of this story.
The book was published serially from 1860 in England till 1861 in America.
The main characters
Filip Pirrip – Pip
Pip is in the beginning a young boy who is raised by his sister and the smith Joe inthe country of Kent in England. He is a narrator of the whole story. He is little bit unrealistic, passionate and romantic. Pip wants to improve his personality, morally and socially.
Estella is a young lady, the ward of Miss Havisham. She is very beautiful but she was brought up by Miss Hasviham to be cold and reserved.
Miss Havisham
This lady is very rich and lives with Estella in...
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