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Charlie St. Cloud
The movie starts with Charlie and his little brother Sam in a professional boat race on Charlie’s boat the “Splendid Splinter”, and they are almost at the finish line. It is aclose call but they win the race. At the winning ceremony Charlie is very happy because by winning the race he gets a scholarship for Stamford University. Sam is sad because his older brother is going toleave town. Next day is Charlie’s High School graduation ceremony. When the ceremony end’s his best friend is talking with Charlie about the graduation party that’s coming up; he comments it’s goingto be there last one, Charlie tells him not to be silly since they have all summer but his friends tells him that boot camp was starting earlier than planned so it was going to be there last onetogether. Charlie looks sad and says he will be there.
When they get home Charlie is waiting for Sam with a baseball glove and a baseball, Sam is late and says that he lost time looking for his glove.Charlie tells him to never be late again and they promise to practice every day till leaves for Stamford, at sunset when the Boston Yacht Club's ceremonial cannons sound.
Later at night Charlie isgetting ready for the party but his mom makes him stay and baby-sit Sam while she does her extra shift at her job as a nurse. When Charlie see’s that Sam is watching TV he tries to sneak out and make a runfor the party but he gets caught by Sam when he turns on his headlights. Sam asks Charlie to take him to his friend Tommy’s house, Charlie doesn’t want to but he gets blackmailed by Sam in to takinghim. While in the car Sam starts play-wrestling with Charlie. When they stop at a traffic light they get hit by behind which puts them in the path of a big truck. A paramedic named Florio Ferrenterevives Charlie, but Sam isn’t as lucky. Before dying Sam asks Charlie to never leave him alone again. Charlie starts crying.
At Sam’s funeral a grieving-Charlie refuses to leave Sam’s baseball glove...
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