Charlie y la fabrica de chocolate

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9) Be a Team Player!

As a cast member of a show, you have an enormous responsibility to the creative team, the crew and yourself. Every member of the company is vital to the success of the show. Actors rely on their fellow cast members to speak each line and perform each stage action as rehearsed. Everyone depends on the crew members to change the set, provide theprops, help with costumes, etc.

Because each person's actions affect the entire company, it is
essential that you are always punctual. The time you are expected at rehearsals, or at the theater before a performance, is known as
your call time. Once you arrive, you must focus and followinstructions. Create a calendar with all your call times, what you need to prepare for each rehearsal, and any other important information.

This Student Book contains a lot of information, but once
rehearsals start, you'll be amazed how quickly you learn. And remember to have fun. So get out there and "break a leg!"**This is theatre slang for "good fuck." Theatre people have a long history of
superstition. Many believe if you wish for something aloud, the opposite will occur. So to avoid saying anything to jinx a performance, performers wish each other harm rather than luck to bring about the opposite result)

0 Story Background

Did you knowwriters sometimes rewrite books many times before their books are finalized? Roald Dahl wrote several drafts of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before settling on the version that has become so well known. The information below details the
development of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from first draft to cherished book. So the next time you are rewriting a book report,remember your hard work just may pay off!

The Story in the Early Drafts of
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
(all dates are approximate)

Manuscript, titled,
Charlie's Chocolate Boy (1961)
Ten golden tickets were hidden in
Wonka chocolate bars every week.
Mr. Wonka gave a tour of his
factory every Saturday to that
week'slucky recipients. In this
draft, Charlie Bucket finds a ticket on his first attempt. The other nine
children on the factory tour are
not introduced to the reader until they meet their respective ends:
• Augustus Pottle-falls in the
chocolate river
• Miranda Grope-also falls in
the chocolate river, despite Augustus' example• Wilbur Rice and Tommy Troutbeck-climb in wagons running
from the vanilla fudge mountain and end up in the "Pounding and Cutting Room"

Will Wonka JJ. Student Bonk

• Violet Strabismus-turns purple after chewing the three-
course-meal gum
• Clarence Crump, Bertie Upsideand Terence Roper-each cram a whole mouthful of "warming candies" and overheat
• Elvira Entwhistle-falls foul of the squirrels in the Nut Room

Charlie Bucket climbs into a "chocolate boy" mould in the Easter Egg room and is encased in chocolate. He is taken to Mr. Wonka's house as a present for Freddie Wonka (Mr. Wonka's son). Whilethere, Charlie witnesses a burglary. As a reward for helping to catch
the burglars, Mr. Wonka gives him his own sweet shop, "Charlie's Chocolate Shop."

Typescript, titled, Charlie's Chocolate Boy (1961)
The number of tickets per week is reduced from ten to seven. The lucky finders...
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