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1. Cheating refers to the use of fraud or artifice deliberately to deceive or obtain an unfair advantage over someone. It implies conducting matters fraudulently for profit to oneself. Itsuggests deliberately misleading or deluding, to produce misunderstanding or to prevent someone from knowing the truth. To deceive by a stratagem, often of a petty, crafty, or dishonorable kind, todeceive and deprive by trickery, to swindle, defraud, mislead, dupe, delude and fool.
2. To get advance copies of the exam, copying from neighbors' papers, to hide cheat sheets, write on your hands orarms and hide it from the professor with hand position or sleeves, to write the information on your thighs and saving text or formulas in programmable calculators.
3. People lie and cheat to avoidtaking responsibility for their own actions or mistakes and not to suffer any consequences or punishments. This is the main reason why kids cheat and lie. Others cheat to get an advantage and getbetter results with less effort, and finally, some people cheat and lie because of the excitement of avoiding being caught.
4. In my opinion, it is worst when companies, State institutions and politicscheat because it affects more people and society needs to trust people and institutions that are providing a service, security or health. These institutions have the responsibility of providing the bestservice, product, information and following regulations because, sometimes, people’s life and well being depend on them.
5. ¿Is cheating and lying part of human nature, or is it something only somepeople do? – How modern life and technology is increasing the rate of cheating in schools and sports.
← When academic cheating occurs, most faculties opt forexpelling students from the institutions. Do you agree or not with this fact? INTRODUCTION: Cheating is one of the main reasons why students are expelled from faculties. TOPIC SENTENCE: When college...
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