Chemistry exercises

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Auxiliary Sciences of the Chemistry

                                                                      MATTER AND CHANGE

I Instructions: Write on the lines the correct answer.

1-__________________  it studies the substances present in the alive organisms and the chemical reactions to support the vital processes.
2- ___________ _______It is a branch of Natural sciences thatstudies the laws of the life. It studies to the organisms in its form, morphology, functions, physiology, hereditary factors, etc.
3- __________________ it is the science that studies the oldcivilizations through analysis of the objects that have lasted.  
4- __________________ it is the science dedicated to the study of life, health, diseases and death of the human being, and it implies art toexert so technical knowledge for the maintenance and recovery of health, applying it to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the diseases.
5- __________________ it is the science that studies thecomposition, structures and properties of the matter, like the changes that this experiments during chemical reactions.
6- __________________ it is the science that studies the inner form of Earth, thematter that composes it, its mechanism of formation, the changes or alterations that this one has experimented from its origin, and the texture and structure that its surface in the present state has.7- __________________it is science that takes care of the study of celestial bodies, its movements, the phenomena related to them, their registry and the investigation of its origin from theinformation that arrives from them.
8- ____________________it is the study of the relation between the alive beings and their atmosphere or the distribution and abundance of alive beings, and how thoseproperties are affected by the interaction between the organisms and his atmosphere.

II Instructions: Solve the following problems and decide which branches of chemistry can be applied. Also write a...
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