Chemistry vs sex

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  • Publicado : 28 de mayo de 2011
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Chemistry vs sex
People are always trying to be better and are interested in having more, like a higher income, a better car, a better house and even, more and better sex. This has developedaphrodisiacs, which have been used for centuries, since ancient Egypt, by Chinese dynasties and even during the crusades; aphrodisiacs have always been present throughout history. The way people talk, theirwalking, clothes, accessories, haircuts, body shape are only some examples of the thousands of ways to involve sexuality; even though nowadays, there are some other facts which seem to be takingtheir place because of the many cultural and economical changes in the world. The shapes of things, the chemistry and psychological games are the elements involved in the necessity of having sexualarousal and in consequently, better and longer sex.
The human senses are the most important elements in sexuality, but statistics let us know that the most important one is sight. If people like what theysee, they will love to touch it, taste it or simply keep on watching, specially men who have the sight more developed as a physical attraction centre; that is why they’ll always watch more porn thanwomen. Phallic features and shapes in food have always been part of the aphrodisiacs around the world. For example, a carrot resembles a male physiological sex feature; the oysters resemble the femaleone. These are just a few examples of the great quantity of food that has some phallic features, and make a representation in our brain, making suggestion an imperative factor in sexuality. Phallicfeatures in food, will not make any particular chemical reaction on someone’s body, it is all about suggestion in people’s minds.
The human brain is always sending orders to the entire body throughchemical reactions to make the body respond one way or another. Therefore, chemistry is a main and basic part of body functions and actions. By using the basis of chemistry, scientists have...
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